Paul Hula · May 20, 2019

Job Opportunity - Wanted Cache expert looking to live/work in London


  I have a permanent job opportunity which would suit anyone (including sponsorship, my license is incoming) who want's to experience the UK (initially London), the requirements are fluent in Cache Objects, SQL, XML, Integration,  English Language and be self motivated with a desire to experience London.

  I am NOT a recruitment agency and will offer personal help in relocation and culture differencies to handle moving countries (if applicable)

  We do not offer a relocation package but will offer advice, guidance and help in relocation and can help with client side relocation costs (company loan) if applicable.

  For further details and a chat, please send your CV and salary expectations to

  We are all very friendly and approchable, we are not out to work you to the bone to gain money, we value people, happiness and professional excellence over building a large pot of gold.





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