Hi Christian,

   You don't need to run the install demo command and create a demo installation (but this can help), you can manually create each HS namespace you need, you can do this from the Healthshare portal manager, there is a Wizard and you select Bus/Edge/etc, this will then create the HS namespace you need.

As for export all of the HS configuration options from Dev (I'm assuming including subscriptions etc?) there isn't (too my knowledge) a standard way to do this.  It would be best to create an install script (using the standard %Installation scripts (look at the one for MU2 as an example)) to create all the items you want.  Ofcourse this will be based on you manually pulling the data out of dev. 

You can alternatively find the location of all the settings and write your own export.  I would suggest you ask a third party to help with this as I know many of them have these tools already.

       This is all IMHO..!