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Hello All,

   Having a recent project to create a FHIR repository, I want to know (as looking at the code) if HealthShare FHIR implementaton supports subscriptions?.  I know it records the subscriptions ok, BUT does it handle sending the subscription out (based on the tags) to an endpoint (i.e. when a new FHIR request commits data that would trigger the subscription) ?, I'm 50% it doesn't, but would rather find out for sure before shoe horning something in.




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Correct, out of the box HealthConnect's FHIR server doesn't offer any post-processing of Subscription resources. This is something we will offer in the future as the solution matures however, it is still possible to hook into the existing FHIR server to build a subscription processing engine. You are not the first person to ask about this and we are working on a  quick write-up on where/how to implement that processing.

Matthew Spielman, Product Manager
HealthShare Information Exchange, Personal Community
InterSystems Corporation