Paul Hula · Oct 10, 2016

Telepath PMEP File

Hello All,

   Does anyone have a specification for Telepath PMEP file formats?

They look like this

01|XXX|005|MIC|XXX Microbiology & Mycology|123456|25.08.16 15:06|
03|F|SURNAME|FORNAME|111222333|MRN1|01.01.1950|52 Some Lane|Somewhere|||AA11 1AB|MRN1|01.01.1950

etc etc with "05's all the way up to 10's" they are for results.  The supplier isn't being helpful, google for PMEP isn't given anything useful, hence I'm asking the friendly developers here if they've come across it and even better have any sort of file format or spec at all?

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Hello Paul be carefull if you do find a specification, I was told that it changed depending on the site it was installed on. Regards Mark