Hello @Werner Noske. Now that VS Code has replaced Atelier as our cross-platform IDE (Studio is still supported), we have removed the plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace. The page you reference will soon make this clear as well. As @Dmitry Maslennikov says, we encourage developers to follow the guidance in this announcement and move to the VS Code platform if at all possible. Thanks!

Many code snippets exist for ObjectScript already. You can learn how they work in the VS Code docs here.  And if you're comfortable reading JSON, you can then go and see what's already implemented in the ObjectScript extension in this JSON file. If you don't find what you're looking for, I hope you'll consider building some of your favorites and submitting a pull request!

It's not safe to assume compatibility between IRIS and Caché .NET gately DLLs. They may be coincidentally compatible at the moment, but as IRIS evolves, maintaining backwards compatibility will be a lower priority than enhanced features, performance and reliability. Is there a particular reason you tried this, or just curiosity?

Hi Colin. I assume you're trying to follow the instructions on https://download.intersystems.com/download/atelier.csp.

Under Step 2 => #3 it says you have 2 options for installing Atelier. As you've found out, the first option isn't working right now. Try the 2nd option, which starts: "II. Add one of the Atelier repositories to your Eclipse environment "

That worked for me.