saranraj Rasu · Oct 29, 2019

how to store location lat, long with patient creation using FHIR R4 resources


       I am new to FHIR resources here i need to store patient  current location with patient resource but location resource does not linked with patient. I need help this. In FHIR R4 resources  having separate i implemented successfully  in my project but i am suffered how to link location and patient. I fount resources from

    My Code implemented by nodejs with typescript language here i added graphql instead of rest


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Thanks for ans Raj. What is use of proposal and i need one my concept is patient does not come hospital he/she is in home itself. practitioner will monitor when patient will go critical position by near by practitioner. So here we need lat/long with patient can you help this?. How we manage 

Sorry I don't have a good answer for you using FHIR if you don't have an address for the patients.