Amazing accomplishments in such a challenging year. I salute you all. 

Hello @Werner Noske. Now that VS Code has replaced Atelier as our cross-platform IDE (Studio is still supported), we have removed the plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace. The page you reference will soon make this clear as well. As @Dmitry Maslennikov says, we encourage developers to follow the guidance in this announcement and move to the VS Code platform if at all possible. Thanks!

This is a very common error. You may be in a rush, or doing too much multi-tasking, then open VS Code expecting to see the IRIS icon signifying your favorite programming extension is ready and waiting. Then to your surprise, it's missing! The likely problem is that you haven't opened a folder yet in VS Code. Just do that and you should see the icon again. 

Many code snippets exist for ObjectScript already. You can learn how they work in the VS Code docs here.  And if you're comfortable reading JSON, you can then go and see what's already implemented in the ObjectScript extension in this JSON file. If you don't find what you're looking for, I hope you'll consider building some of your favorites and submitting a pull request!

If you really need it, you can contact support to get the Atelier package for a local install. 

Thanks all. I was using solution #1 from @Eduard Lebedyuk -- creating a new %RegisteredObject class to hold the response -- because it gives me good control over what is happening while keeping my code easy to understand. The solution using the `%ZEN.Auxiliary.altJSONProvider` class is interesting to keep in mind, but it outputs the class name as a "_class" key , which I don't want, and relying on the old %Zen class library isn't recommended in new solutions.

The answer from @Muni Ganesh works too, but I wanted to do something more elegant than the  "brute force"  approach (but that offers complete control over the process). 

@Max Abrahams you offer an interesting solution too. When I have an opportunity I'll have to try out that SQL-centric approach.