Colin Nagle · Jul 8, 2019

Installing Atelier Plugin

Hi All,

I've got Eclipse installed (Javascript 2019-6) but when search for Atelier from the market place within the IDE it does not show up.

I found it in the browser version of the marketplace, and tried to drag it in but got the message 'The following solutions are not compatible with this version of Eclipse'.

I tried installing an older version of Eclipse (photon) but the installer keeps telling me I haven't got JRE 1.7+ installed (I have 1.8 64bit installed already), and sends me to a download page so I can't continue.

Is there an updated version of Atelier (even a beta) in the works that anyone knows of?



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Hi Colin. I assume you're trying to follow the instructions on

Under Step 2 => #3 it says you have 2 options for installing Atelier. As you've found out, the first option isn't working right now. Try the 2nd option, which starts: "II. Add one of the Atelier repositories to your Eclipse environment "

That worked for me.

Hi Raj,

Thanks, that's got it working.