Sam Duncan · Nov 12, 2020

No ObjectScript button in the VSCode activity bar

I've just installed Visual Studio Code, installed the InterSystems ObjectScript Extension Pack as documented here, connected it to a local InterSystems IRIS instance, and created a workspace associated with one of that instance's namespaces. However, after doing this, I don't see the ObjectScript button on the left toolbar when opening the workspace.

The ObjectScript extensions are installed and enabled as shown below; I've tried reinstalling them and restarting VSCode, but this doesn't make a difference:

Has anyone seen behavior like this before? I'd appreciate any suggestions for troubleshooting this.

edit: I've also right-clicked the sidebar and seen that I can toggle buttons on and off, but the ObjectScript button isn't shown as an option there.

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This may happen if you have not opened just created workspace. You have to open any folder or workspace file.

Thanks, everyone - creating and saving a workspace in a folder and then opening the folder worked.

Since it seems like this is a fairly common problem, I wonder if it's worth going into a little more detail in the installation docs about what is needed to get the button to appear.

There are plans to get this into the docs yes