Hi Gary,

If you have a default Docker installation, there is no daemon.json there until you create one to alter the default behavior of Docker.  This external post discusses it in more detail.

Post more about what you are trying to achieve if this doesn't answer your question, or contact the WRC.


Earlier ODBC driver versions should be compatible with Caché 2018.1, but we recommend updating clients to the latest driver for your Caché version.  There aren't any 2021.x ODBC drivers for Caché on the WRC download page.  If you have one and you want to be sure you have a good driver, reach out to the WRC so we can understand your specific situation.


Hi Hoi, nice to see you in the community. You piqued my curiosity about FASP and I found this white paper about it: https://www.ibm.com/downloads/cas/7D3KBL9Z.

I don't see any support for this in our class reference.  If you are looking for support for this in InterSystems IRIS, I would start with your InterSystems account team to explore what you need and what alternatives might serve.

Thiago, I would try downloading the latest image again.  The embedded license expired a short time ago and the image was refreshed.  If you continue to have trouble, reach out to the WRC for help.

@Bren Mochocki , the link worked for me today; downloading is back.  Try it again, please, and post back if you still have troubles.


It should work.  Windows privileges need to be correct, and in recent Windows versions, it is not as simple as running as an Administrator.  If you have specified a user to run the IRIS instance, rather than the Local System account, run the irisinstall setserviceusername command (details are in the documentation) to set privileges correctly.


The InterSystems WRC can also help if you are truly stuck.

You can also use a reporting async or perhaps an ECP application server, depending on what analysis you are doing. 

If the advice you have so far doesn't help you make progress, you might consider a chat with your account team.  They usually have experiences to share about cases like this.

The InterSystems IRIS data platform is the engine in InterSystems' current product set.  IRIS for Health adds capabilities related to healthcare applications and DeepSee (part of the older Caché database engine) allows you to embed business intelligence capability into your applications.

For new development, or if you are just getting started, I would look to InterSystem IRIS and the products built on it, unless you know you have a specific need for Caché.

Rico, did you resolve this problem?  InterSystems Support can help you with startup issues if you haven't fixed the problem.  If you have fixed it, let us know what you did to cure it.