· Feb 8, 2021

InterSystems IRIS Background Jobs


While Configuring Intersystems Cache in Intersystems IRIS Health, some of the background jobs are not running.

Eg: Job for Calculator process. Is License key necessary to run the jobs? Anyother changes need to run the jobs. 


Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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I'm confused about your mentioning Caché and IRIS for Health as those are separate products.

Depending on what your jobs are doing, they could certainly require a license. Why do you suspect a license issue, and why don't you have a license applied?

I'd check the various IRIS.logs, probably the audit and messages.log first. Without more details on what is going wrong, how it is going wrong, what you are trying to do, and information on your configuration, it's difficult to say what could be the cause.

Priya, there is a limit of eight CPU cores for the Community Edition of InterSystems IRIS products.  If you are using a Docker image, add

to your 'docker run' command.  On a native server, or VM, you need to limit the cores available using the methods for that server (or use one with fewer cores).

Let us know if this resolves your trouble, and all best in migrating to IRIS.


The Community edition uses a core based license.  It appears that your instance is running successfully and that some routines do execute.  Therefore I do not believe that this is a license issue.  If you had exceeded the number of allowed cores then the instance would not start.  

I would look at the routines that are not executing in the background successfully.  It is possible that they are using Cache syntax that are no longer supported or has changed names.   Try executing these routines in the foreground instead of as a background job.  Verify that you get the results you expect.  If that works try jobbing this off from the terminal session to see if it will run in the background at all.

 I would also examine the log files to see if you are getting any errors that are captured from the background execution.

Others, including me, were noting this message in the log you posted

02/08/21-09:17:54:464 (7016) 3 [Utility.Event] Error: Invalid Community Edition license, may have exceeded core limit. - Shutting down the system : $zu(56,2)= 0

which is definitely unhappy about the core count.  Rich has good advice if you are able to start the instance but are unable to run only some jobs.   If you have a full license and you are still unable to sort this out, reach out to the WRC and an advisor can assist.

Please let us know if you have progress, several of us are interested in your success.


Weird,  I don't see a log.  That message pretty definitively says we have a license issue.  I had based my earlier response on the fact that He seemed to be able to get some jobs working which would imply that the instances was running.  That wouldn't happen if there was a license limitation exceeded on startup.  As the message indicates the instance just shuts down.  

Mohana, have you been trying this in different environments?

To echo Erik,  please let us know how you are making out!