A.R.N. H Hafeel · May 16, 2021

IRIS or Cache?

Hello all, 

I am in a bit of a situation where I could get your help please. 

I want to get certified with IRIS, but I also do see that there is an availability named Cache. 

Are they both the same or different? if different please explain it to me as how? 

Also what is the difference between IRIS, IRIS for Health, Deep Sea? Please explain to me.

Also what do you think I should get my self certified with? 

Please leave your comments below. 


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The InterSystems IRIS data platform is the engine in InterSystems' current product set.  IRIS for Health adds capabilities related to healthcare applications and DeepSee (part of the older Caché database engine) allows you to embed business intelligence capability into your applications.

For new development, or if you are just getting started, I would look to InterSystem IRIS and the products built on it, unless you know you have a specific need for Caché.