· Mar 1, 2021

CommVault vss backup - on Cache 2018 and above

Hi all,

Does anyone backing up with CommVault version 11 (but lets forget the version for now) and had problems using vss to backup Cache/Iris ?

Can you tell me what you did to overcome that problem/problems?



Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Hi Eric,

My problem is that the CommVault doesn't communicate with the Intersystems vss.

When the backup runs , it doesn't enter or exits the freeze state.

The vss is started on ccsonsole.log and the Cache controler for cache service goes up with admin user.

So I think the problem is with the CommVault or vmtools but I don't have any definitive proof for that.

(I saw once an article that states not to install vmtools vss, but i'm not sure it will work or it's enough)

What do you think?



Yossi, I'm not familiar with CommVault and the VMTools (although the VMs I use here do have them installed).  I have seen a variety of troubles cured by making sure the VMTools are up-to-date.  VMWare or CommVault support might be best for that. 

As for Caché, make sure that EnableVSSBackup is set to 1 (true) in your CPF and that SYS.VSSWriter.1 is running (check the process list in the Portal).  The VSS writer for Caché can be started only by an administrator on Windows.

I don't have much more advice, if this doesn't get you working, I would contact WRC directly.