Hi Paul! Nice to see you on the DC.  These questions are hard because there's a lot of"plumbing" to think about.

If I understand things right, you have an environment variable for root set via a script file in /etc/profile.d and that's working at the Linux shell.  But you don't see that at a Cache' terminal even when you start the instance as root.

Caché daemons will run as the instance owner and user jobs would run with the privilege and environment of the user who logs in.  Otherwise, an ordinary user could open a Caché terminal and work with root privilege.  I'm writing this from memory, and Caché 2015.1 is pretty old now, so there might be some other details that are relevant (and which I'm forgetting).

Another issue is that when you use the sudo or su commands to "become root", you don't necessarily get root's environment unless you use the right options for that.  The manpages for sudo and su should help you figure out this.

If you can tell us some more about what you are trying to accomplish with the link, we might be able to help further.  If you are trying to establish links to files that are established when the instance starts and persist, what you need might better be addressed with actions in SYSTEM^%ZSTART or ^ZSTU.  For that, the WRC might also be able to help.

Good luck.  I hope this at least gives you a trailhead to solve the trouble.

If you  are still having trouble, Phillip, contact the WRC and have a support advisor discuss how to recover the instance.  If you need assistance determining how to size your system for journaling, start with your account manager for help.

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