Rob, if your organization has support from InterSystems, then there is usually one of your colleagues who manages the people who have WRC credentials.  They should be able either to download the driver you need or to request credentials for you.  If you think you should have credentials, or you forgot username/password, send a request to asking for credentials (use your organization's email).


Hi Gary,

If you have a default Docker installation, there is no daemon.json there until you create one to alter the default behavior of Docker.  This external post discusses it in more detail.

Post more about what you are trying to achieve if this doesn't answer your question, or contact the WRC.


Earlier ODBC driver versions should be compatible with Caché 2018.1, but we recommend updating clients to the latest driver for your Caché version.  There aren't any 2021.x ODBC drivers for Caché on the WRC download page.  If you have one and you want to be sure you have a good driver, reach out to the WRC so we can understand your specific situation.


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