· Jan 5, 2021

OpenVMS versions

I'm just clarifying that 2017.1 is viable on 8.4-1H1. can someone please confirm, also what kind of support would we receive if we upgraded to 8.4-2L1?  I know that 2015.2 works on it. yet it says it's not supported. 

we really need to get to 8.4-2L1.  any help would greatly be appreciated.




Product version: Caché 2017.1
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Well they fixed an OpenVMS bug in 2017.1.3, so it's still under some support. InterSystems usually say that anything older than two years (4 years for security corrections) is on 'best effort' basis. Which is usually pretty damn good - I had a question about Cache 5 last year and they were great.

Cache 2017.1.3.319.6 is listed on the Online Distribution page for both Alpha and Itanium.

OpenVMS was discontinued for Cache 2017.2 though, so 2017.1.3 is your last version. That should get you up to 2022 anyway.