This has not been implemented Atelier. It is on the roadmap for the dev team. Since active Atelier development is on hold there is no timeline for implementation of this feature.

Hi Martin, thanks for the additional explanation. I was able to reproduce this on my system with custom variables defined in a %ZLANGV routine. I will report this internally to the development team.

In the meantime, the workaround I came up with was to set a local variable equal to the $z custom variable then work with that local variable instead. For example this did not throw any syntax errors on my Atelier client:

    set var = $zsomething

    write var.Property

    do var.Method()

I'm not sure whether you are seeing this when writing new code, where this should be easy enough to implement, or if you are working with an existing code base, in which case this would likely be a bigger undertaking.

I do not see this behavior when working with custom functions that return objects. So again if this is new development you could consider defining custom functions using a %ZLANGF routine instead of variables in %ZLANGV.

I haven't tested this myself but from looking at past bug reports I believe that starting with Atelier 1.2, custom variables defined in a ^%ZLANG routine should parse correctly in Atelier as long as they start with a z.  The Atelier parser is expected to accept functions and special variables that start with $Z, and commands that start with Z.

Do your custom variables start with z? Can you also send your versions of Atelier and Eclipse?

Elize - I'm sorry to hear that your Atelier experience has been frustrating. I've been able to use the Atelier debugger to step through code and see variable values without any problems, and it sounds like Eduard has as well.

InterSystems provides some resources that may be helpful to you:

  1. A video on using the Atelier debugger can be found here
  2. The Atelier documentation on using the debugger is here
  3. You can always reach out to InterSystems Support to work directly with an advisor (call +1 617-621-0700 or email

Hi Anthony - Thanks for the update, and the explanation of how you cleaned up your Eclipse perspectives. There were major, internal changes that occurred after Atelier 1.1, which can leave some of the Atelier 1.1 plugin features in this state after an upgrade. You can also clean the stale workbench data in Eclipse using the method described in the DC post here.

José filed a WRC case to look into this. José found that reinstalling everything, including Eclipse, resolved this problem. He and the Support advisor were not able to determine the root cause of this behavior before the reinstall, when the errors disappeared.

Anthony and José - The Atelier team has not been able to reproduce this, and many users have successfully upgraded to version 1.3.139. So it looks like this must be something specific to your environments. For help diving into what is going wrong on your systems, I would suggest contacting InterSystems Support (by emailing or calling +1 617-621-0700).

Can you provide more details about how you tried to enable SSL/TLS? Did you do this on the Caché server, or on the web server?

As Kyle mentioned, the first step is to use an IP and port for a web server that has HTTPS configured. If you do not know how to do this, I would suggest reaching out to your system administrators. You can also feel free to get in touch with Support or your InterSystems Sales team to discuss this in more depth.

David opened a WRC case and we are looking into the cause of this issue. I'll post the resolution here in the DC once we are done with our investigation.


Update 11/26/18: We were not able to get to the bottom of this, as David reached a point where he was unable to spend the time to investigate further.