Try taking a look at the System Management Portal under System Administration > Security > Applications > Web Applications. Confirm that /api/atelier is enabled. You may also want to look at your web server and CSP/Web Gateway settings. A CSP/Web Gateway log and ISCLOG should provide more information here as well.

You may want to open up a WRC case or a GitHub issue to investigate further. To see if this is an error with data returned from the server, you'd want to collect:

  • CSP/Web Gateway log at level EV7 (docs here)
  • ISCLOG (set ^%ISCLOG=3, reproduce, set ^%ISCLOG=0, in Caché data will be in ^%ISCLOG and in IRIS will be in ^ISCLOG in %SYS).

Ah thanks for clarifying. I use VS Code ObjectScript myself so am not sure about Studio customization. Maybe a more frequent Studio user will have a suggestion for you, but I'm not sure that this is possible.

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