Atelier and Studio

Atelier has reached a threshold of feature completeness. Atelier 1.3 which is currently in flight will mainly focus on supporting the latest release of Eclipse Photon. After release, Atelier and Studio will continue to receive critical software corrections.





Well, now a few questions.

Does it mean that any new requested features will be declined to implement?

Any possibility to implement new features by own?

How about the future of Atelier API?

If InterSystems not going to extend Atelier anymore, maybe it's time to open sources Atelier or at least Atelier API.

Currently, it sounds like Atelier will get the same future as Studio, it means no future. Or am I wrong?

... at least Atelier API ...

Especially, documentation for Atelier Debugger API?

Hi, Andreas!

Sounds like sad news :( 

Does ISC plan to publish any library for working with AST ( Abstract Syntax Tree ) for Caché ObjectScript?

After the release of Atelier 1.3, scheduled for late August, Atelier will only receive critical software corrections, no enhancements.

@Andreas Dieckow Does this mean it is the end of Atelier? and if so, why?

This post from Bill McCormick ( mentioned Atelier being on the strategic roadmap for Intersystems as well as being the IDE of choice in the future. Please confirm which IDE will Intersystems be using going forward? one that will be continuously developed and enhanced. Will it be Studio or Atelier or something else?

We are in the process of migrating over from Studio to Atelier as it is not possible to manage without source control any more (unfortunately source control hooks in Studio simply don't cut it!). If Atelier is not going to be around in the future then it will be good to know now so we don't waste our time and energy learning it.

Please clarify?

In the first place I'll have to say that I never understood the choice for Eclipse as the base for an ISC editor/ide.

So I'm not that sad, for this decision.

But what will we get then ?

I think ISC is big enough to have their own IDE (do we need an IDE ?)

It could be home-grown (a little bit too late) or Atom based, which is a editor not an IDE.

If  ISC abandons BPL (which I think is really a very bad thing), it would make a transition much easier.