David Kilburn · Aug 8, 2019

Error copying CSP files to prjoect

I am trying out Atelier.  I have installed it and managed to get it to connect to a cache instance to test it.  I have created a local project and I am trying to copy the server files to it using the "Copy to Project" item on the popup menus.  I can copy both classes and routines to the project without issue, but when I try to copy the CSP files, I get the following message:

com.intersystems.atelier.utils.CheckedExceptionWrapper: Input length = 1

The documentation is not helping.  Can anyone throw some light on what is causing this?  I feel certain it is a misconfiguration or a setting  I have missed.

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I agree that this sounds like a configuration issue. I recommend you contact the WRC and an expert will help you diagnose and resolve your issue. They'll have you coding in no time.

Dave is working with InterSystems Support on this one. An update on the investigation:

This error is thrown when trying to import a file that is not UTF-8 encoded. Starting with Atelier 1.3.144 (the current beta version), the error message in this case is clearer:

com.intersystems.atelier.utils.CheckedExceptionWrapper: Failed to decode as UTF-8

Atelier requires that all files not stored as globals on the server be in UTF-8 format. Examples include HTML, CSS, TXT, and JS. So the solutions are either to convert files to UTF-8 encoding so that they can be synchronized using Atelier, or to modify the files directly on the file system.