Error copying CSP files to prjoect

I am trying out Atelier.  I have installed it and managed to get it to connect to a cache instance to test it.  I have created a local project and I am trying to copy the server files to it using the "Copy to Project" item on the popup menus.  I can copy both classes and routines to the project without issue, but when I try to copy the CSP files, I get the following message:

com.intersystems.atelier.utils.CheckedExceptionWrapper: Input length = 1

The documentation is not helping.  Can anyone throw some light on what is causing this?  I feel certain it is a misconfiguration or a setting  I have missed.


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I agree that this sounds like a configuration issue. I recommend you contact the WRC and an expert will help you diagnose and resolve your issue. They'll have you coding in no time.