I just took a quick look through some past InterSystems Support cases. I haven't seen this error reported to the WRC before.

There is not an obvious/general reason for this error. I would suggest opening a WRC case to investigate this issue on your system (either by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700).

All set, John. You should see WRC 899885 when you log into the WRC application.

Hi John, yes this is still on the dev team's radar. There is a development issue filed to address it. However it is not a high priority at the moment. Let me know if you'd like me to create a WRC case in your name linked to that dev issue so that you can monitor its progress in your WRC application.

Right you are John. I sent you the wrong flag+StackOverflow page, sorry about that. The command-line flag you'll want to add is:


This will clean persistent workbench data. Then you'll need to re-open the Atelier perspective, or the Atelier views that you use.

Hi, John - thanks for pointing this out. You'll want to run Eclipse with the -clean argument to clear all cached plug-in data. There's a good discussion about that on StackOverflow here.

I'd suggest adding the clean argument by launching Eclipse from the command line (less risk than adding it to the eclipse.ini and forgetting to remove it).

We might have some developers on the Community using HealthShare who can give you tips here. But I think that the best way to move forward, since these are reasonably broad questions, will be to reach out to your InterSystems Sales team or Support. The answers to many of your questions will probably be better with more information about your current development process and Sales/Support can discuss the specifics with you.

Hi Dieter, I think that we'll need to collect some system-specific information to debug this further. The best next step will probably be to open a WRC case to investigate (by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700).

I think the best next step will be to file a WRC case (by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700). There is some system-specific info that we'd like to collect to try and debug this further.

I'm not sure exactly how Eclipse decides where your secure storage file should be located. I thought it had to do with where the application was installed, but after doing a bit more research I think it may be a hard-coded location. I Googled "changing eclipse secure storage location" and found this in the Eclipse documentation: