Looks like you've got this figured out, but I wanted to add another option - using the Local Terminal option in the plugin to connect to a Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare/InterSystems IRIS instance:

  1. After installing the Terminal plugin open the Terminal view (Window > Show View > Other > Terminal > Terminal)
  2. Select the "Open a Terminal" toolbar button  from the view
  3. Select "Local Terminal" from the "Choose terminal:" drop down menu                                                                                                                                                                    ​​​​​​​
  4. If csession isn't in your PATH, navigate to your instance's bin directory - example: cd C:\InterSystems\Cache\bin
  5. Launch a Caché terminal session - example: csession Cache

Lucas - Thanks for looking into this and posting your findings here. You can get errors like this in Atelier for long-running compiles. The development team is aware of and looking into it.

I do not think that Lucas has filed a WRC case to address this.

Lucas - If you figure this out on your own please post your solution here to let us know how you resolved it.

Pilar - Feel free to reach out to InterSystems Support to look into this further (email support@intersystems.com or call +1 617-621-0700).

Starting with Atelier 1.2, there is a new tabbed editor for BPL/DTL. Open the class file from the Atelier or Server Explorer, which will display the class code by default. At the bottom of the editor there should be a tab for either BPL or DTL that you can click to display the graphical editor:

The "Open diagram editor" option should not be there in Atelier 1.2. I am guessing that you were trying to open the graphical editor by right-clicking the class and selecting Open With > Other > Atelier BPL Editor. But that is not the correct way to view the BPL/DTL graphical editors. 

If you are still having trouble I would suggest opening a WRC case with InterSystems Support (email support@intersystems.com or call +1 617-621-0700) so that an advisor can dial in with you and take a look.

Using the -clearPersistedState flag at the command line when starting Eclipse should not make that setting permanent. Unfortunately if you can't find the setting in the .ini files, I'm not sure why else Eclipse would not be persisting your workspace setup.

Understood, David. I'll add a note that to the dev request that this is a showstopper for many of your developers to help our team with prioritization. I'm glad to hear you're happy with the Atelier 1.2 improvements!

There is an existing request with development to improve the usability of XData blocks in Atelier. I added a note to that request, linking to this DC post, asking to consider the auto spacing/indentation as well. The request for XData usability improvements has not yet been roadmapped.

I've been working with Lucas S. on this in a WRC case. We believe that the source of the issue has to do with the encoding of the file, as compared to the file's contents and the encoding of the Eclipse workspace/Atelier Project/file in Atelier.

Copying this problem file into an Eclipse-only (non-Atelier) project does result in display issues until the file's encoding is changed within Eclipse. To change a file's encoding you can right-click the file in the Atelier or Project Explorer, click Properties and change the "Text file encoding" settings under the Resource section.

While there are workarounds*, you should be allowed to import these files into an Atelier project. The Atelier development team is reviewing this.

*Workarounds we've found in our investigation:

  • Run an iconv command on the file on disk to change its encoding
  • Change accented characters to their corresponding HTML entities, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Glossary/Entity
  • Manually copy the HTML file from the CSP physical files directory into the Atelier project directory on disk, then change the file's encoding within Eclipse to avoid display issues

This should be working. I'm guessing we need some more specific information about your system to try and get at the root cause. I'd suggest filing a WRC case with InterSystems Support (by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700) to dig into this.

After upgrading to Atelier 1.2, did you run into the issue described in the DC post here? If so you may have Googled and found information about adding -clearPersistedState, or something similar, to one of the Eclipse configuration files. However if a setting like that is left around in the config file, it could result in Eclipse not persisting data across shutdowns since that setting will be read back in each time you start Eclipse back up.