Yes of course. Pass them as  a request property and on the operation do 

..Adapter.FilePath = request.FP

..Adapter.FileName = request.FN

Keep the second version

and build that List of objects with - As list of MyPackage.MyClass


and so on..

Please feel free to send me sample code and I can make it for you too. 

Export import globals can work too.

If you need some help doing it, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn.

May be call WRC. I do not have a version here currently that supports soap and also don't have rights to do any configurations and also can't download community version else would have made a sample example and sent over.

From a sql inbound adapter, if you call a hl7 routing engine, it will get the request message you set it up in your service, but not hl7 which has DocType. As marc said ,you need to user the general routing engine and check for properties of your request class there.

Hi Henrique,

Does jasper reports run one time or is it real time.

What I intend to have is a real time report embedded in the zen page.  not a pdf. i mean a downloaded pdf may be a plus, but not the endpoint

Any thoughts?

ClassMethod LogException(
tAbsException As %Exception.AbstractException) As %Status
Do $System.Status.DecomposeStatus(tAbsException.AsStatus(), .errorList)
    For i=1:1:errorList {
                    Set fullError = errorlist(i)
                    Set tErrorCode = errorList(i, "code") 
                    You can get caller, domain, params etc from it too, 
                    Just print one errorList and you will see the values of your own error
                    Let me know if you need any help



I implemented this logic but my LAST code is getting executed on all rows.

Set sc = ##super()

$$$ISOK(sc) {
// Logic for last -