Export import globals can work too.

If you need some help doing it, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn.

From a sql inbound adapter, if you call a hl7 routing engine, it will get the request message you set it up in your service, but not hl7 which has DocType. As marc said ,you need to user the general routing engine and check for properties of your request class there.

Hi Henrique,

Does jasper reports run one time or is it real time.

What I intend to have is a real time report embedded in the zen page.  not a pdf. i mean a downloaded pdf may be a plus, but not the endpoint

Any thoughts?

Well finally I figured it out myself

We have to use DrawFilter and there use resultSet etc and use page property as a parameter.
There seems to be no other simpler way.

If anyone needs any help in ever implementing the same. Pls feel free to ping me nv@nv-enterprises.biz

if you are thinking about a custom ui. obviously you can 

the monitor has barely 4 to 5 portlets . I am sure that can be extended / enhanced to be replicated in the custom ui.

haven't tried it but doesn't seem like too much to ask

With Postman and soapui you are hitting the url straight not via a network protocol, thus it giving 200.
What I think  you should check system logs to see whats the error thrown by the rest application. I feel its just an authentication / authorization issue

Feel free to share logs if it doesn't resolve

Thanx to all and esp to Eduard

I used a mix of Eduard's code, docs, EnsLib.PubSubOperation and some of my code

From my BP -  I am calling the PubSubBo with a response of arrays that gives me targets in a string array 

- BP then sends to all targets from a call inside a loop of targets array. The target of which is set dynamically from context of the loop element.

This gives me an extra functionality of putting some extra logic but most importantly in Visual Trace it doesn't look odd if target is a BP.
If target is a BP and it is forwarded to, from a normal pubsubBo then in visual trace it shows a backward arrrow which is hard to explain to non tech people as it seems its going backward not forward. So forwarding it to targets from a BP is a better and cleaner option .

Can share code to anyone if needed.