· Mar 13, 2019

Problems with a Custom Login page for an IRIS web application

Hi -

I'm having odd behaviors on my EC2 hosted IRIS Community instance.

When I configure a "custom login page" in the System Management Portal for my web application I'm seeing a few different behaviors that are under documented (and also undesired)

The old Caché documentation indicates that the custom login page could be a ".csp" file, but this seems to nor be the case (i kept getting "not found" errors, even though I could bring up the page directly from the url FOR the login.csp file. To get around this, I created an HTML file and then, at least, the login page could be found to be rendered.

Once the .html login page was being rendered, there doesn't seem to be a clear means to have the page that is being requested which calls the login page be the actual redirection once the login is successful (again, not a lot of documentation on the mechanics of this process). This may be leading to the other problem I'm seeing, which is when I am "logged out" and try to open a URL that forces the machinery to of redirecting to the custom login page, I'm getting the login page being rendered, but it's also now the cached version of the page (i.e. I can't get the actual page to render, I keep getting the login page content being rendered and not the actual .csp page.

The login.html is using the dynamic bootstrap framework.

This is all using the IRIS Community version 2019.1.0S.111.0com on an EC2 instance on AWS

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