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​​​​​​ Here are a few links for you to refer on how you could encode and upload a raw text to Azure Blob. 



Here is also a video link :


I hope that you find it helpful and solves your problem. 


That's a good question, @Neerav Adam Verma.  We've never worked with Zen, so I don't know.  We have both a Desktop and Web client for VDM that offer a number of APIs.  Most our developers leverage the Web along with APIs to render both Visualize (dashboards) and Finished Reports (professional report writer) in browser.   I have a public demo site that'll show Visualize and Finished Reports in browser.  You'll see an option to register an account to access the demo site https://license.bridgeworksllc.com/WebReports and the Commission examples do a pretty good job of showing the features/options.

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