· Sep 13, 2018

EnsLib.HL7.Operation.FTPOperation- Variable Length Format


I am trying to send a HL7 Billing Batch 2.3:FHS file out to an FTP site:

The file needs to be  in Variable Length / Carriage return carriage control format--  

 When I send the file, the format is Fixed Length 512 Byte Record-- Not Working

The data is ok within the file-- It is just the way I am sending it out of Ensemble that is not correct.

I am thinking that it is a setting within the Operation that I am missing or not choosing correctly.


Separators -|^~\&\r

Default Char Encoding: Binary

I appreciate the help,


Record format:      Fixed length 512 byte records

Record attributes:  None


Record format:      Variable length, maximum 0 bytes, longest 276 bytes
Record attributes:  Carriage return carriage control

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