Both are good.

Search documentation and you will get exact steps.

Still if you can't do it, let me know.

Export import globals can work too.

If you need some help doing it, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn.

Yes. However what is missing is inbuilt operations for many common apps like salesforce , netsuite etc and cloud eg something out of the box to store objects on s3 , blob etc and so on.  
If we compare these to Talend, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi  the IRIS software lacks hundreds of these pre-built connecting services and operations.

Just to give an idea here is a list of Dell Boomi Connectors

IRIS has a lot to catch up on this front.

HI, Coming from Java, we expect cache to behave same way.  However they are two different languages and I learnt that over time.
Both are beautiful languages .

HI Guys,

Can you please post the link of prevision session that you mentioned in this video. I am still not sure how we will use Kubernetes with IRIS . It be great if you can put some light on that too ?


Yes, agreed. It is good for people to know so they can make their own decision.

Did you think about my suggestion of breaking down the visual trace?