Scott Roth · Oct 12, 2018

Creating Custom Dashboard/Monitor

In looking at the Production monitor within Ensemble, I was wondering if there is a way we could customize it for our use. I notice it is basically a dashboard.

For example I would only like to truly display those Services, Processes, and Operations that are truly in dire need of attention. The Monitor out of the box just seems too busy, and I would like to simplify it.

I was trying to find a sample how a Monitor Dashboard would be setup, but I am not seeing anything in ENSDEMO, or SAMPLES. Has anyone created a Custom Dashboard/Monitor for their purposes? Would you be willing to share an example with me?


Scott Roth

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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Hi Scott,

Have you looked at using the Ensemble Enterprise Monitor?  This provides a centralized "pane of glass" for a dashboard type display across multiple production.  Details of using it can be found here in the Ensemble documentation.

Mark B-

if you are thinking about a custom ui. obviously you can 

the monitor has barely 4 to 5 portlets . I am sure that can be extended / enhanced to be replicated in the custom ui.

haven't tried it but doesn't seem like too much to ask