I'm trying to keep all writes in local memory.

If you have S %A="""HI THERE"",!,#,33.33,"" "",$ZTIMESTAMP"

and you O 2 U 2 W @%A C 2 ZW ^SPOOL
^SPOOL(1,1)="HI THERE"_$c(13,10)
^SPOOL(1,3)="33.33 67016,59246.6188873"

It works just fine and the output is in the ^SPOOL global.

However, I'm trying to avoid writing to disk.

I can't find anything besides using the SPOOL device that will allow the use of the "@" indirection.

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· Jul 3
Polybase and IRIS

Hi all, I am trying to use Polybase in SQL Server 2019 to access an external Cache/IRIS Database. I have followed the initial steps of enabling Polybase, creating a Database, DB scoped credential and then an External Data Source. These steps have not caused any issues and appear to be successful, I am using the same DSN we use for a Linked Server connection that works normally. I am running into an Error when trying to Create an External Table. The error is a generic Native Code 469 "Driver Not Capable".

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Could any one tell me, how the index works in cache db, Consider for example, I have a table called "Employee" and the fields as "EMPID, EMPNAME, EMPAGE" and I am having index for EMPID as IDX_EMPID and trying to get the record using the following query as


and the table data be like


001 ABC 20

002 AAA 21

003 ABB 23

004 BBB 20

005 BDF 24

006 EEE 22

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Depuis ce matin j'arrive pas à compiler ou lancer mes programmes qui tourne en local sur docker avec l'image : intersystemsdc/irishealth-community:2024.1-zpm

J'ai toujours cette erreur sur le terminal ou le portal de management : request to http://localhost:52773/api/atelier/ failed, reason: socket hang up

Dans mes logs docker aussi j'ai des erreurs en conitnu , voici un extrait ...

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Hi all,

I have some .vm (Velocity Templating Language) files that I'd like to be able to load into IRIS with the $System.OBJ.Load(filename) command, but it seems that only accepts XML files.

I've tried adding import/export logic in my custom studio document that will wrap the velocity content inside an XML document and vice versa, I've changed the existing Velocity files to have the extension .xml and be wrapped in XML, and I've included a .dtd file for them to reference. However, this doesn't seem to work.

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