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Already some time since the last post...
I appreciate the way of dealing with the tags although I'm used to the way this is done i.E. in docker hub where every provided image is listed with its actual build-number so you can see, which image exactly is "latest" or which version is delivered when you only ask for a mayor-release-tag.

If there is a bug in a certain minor-version I cannot see easily if there is a never minor version provided with a docker image. Therefore I have to search through the release notes to see if / when an image of the new version is released or I have to pull the last image of the mayor-version (some GB!) and inspect it.
Perhaps this scenario seems a little "constructed"? We just had to deal with it .

In short: With only mayor-version-tags we have to rely in Intersystems that

1. there is always the latest release of an application provided as docker image as well and

2. that there are no new bugs in a newer version (because we can't stick to a certain build).

For production environments with high availability I recommend to use a private registry for Iris etc. and tag the images so we can determine when to upgrade.

How do other deal with this (or am I just paranoid?)

Hi Scott,

I prefer to publish the superserver-port and call it from the webgateway via localhost. So when doing docker run you have to add "-p..." like

docker run -p 1972:1972 .......

which lets you connect to the superserver port via the same port on your host. When using docker compose just add 

      - 1972:1972

in the same ident as the "image" directive which does the same as docker run -p....

In the webgateway add a server configuration with "localhost" an port 1972. Btw.
You could use a different port on your host if 1972 is in use. Therefore you have to change the port after the colon. i.E. -p 1972:51972 to use 51972 on your host.

Hope this might help.

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