Hi everyone!

I’m the new InterSystems Community Manager and responsible for everything within  the InterSystems Developer Community itself including Community Events, Content and Projects etc.

Please feel free to point all the criticism to me along with suggestions of course!

Our team is working now on fixing some evident and annoying UI problems to make this place comfortable for all the InterSystems customers and new developers to discuss InterSystems related problems, questions, techology and projects. 

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How was it born?  Who runs it?  How committed is Intersystems to it?  Is it run by a dedicated person/team or is it a part time job?


It's difficult to find community support for Intersystems products.  I've had relative success lately on StackOverflow but that's mostly thanks to one person (who is also a member here).  The point being, this is a very important asset for us as developers, administrators and users of your product.  I hope that fact is not lost on management at Intersystems.  

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While comment content appears to be sent in subscription emails, new posts do not.  E.g.:


| Greetings, Benjamin Spead.

| Your subscriptions on InterSystems Developer Community notify you of

| the following changes since the previous digest:

===================================================== 1 of 1 (new)

| Author: Benjamin DeBoe

| Title: How to increase the timeout for ZEN refreshContents() ?

| Tags: Web Development, ZEN


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Jon Jensen · Dec 28, 2015
Empty column on hompage

If you look at the homepage as a guest (not logged in), the third column has a header of "Knowledgeable  Members", but there is no text.  It is an empty column...looks like a mistake/bug/missing data


Can this be fixed or replaced?



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Create (tested) or favorite a topic

2. Wait some time

3.  Reply to this topic

4. You will receive [InterSystems Developer Community] Subscriptions Digest email with information that you replied to the topic.


I think these notifications must be sent only in cases of other people' replies.

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John Paladino · Dec 7, 2015 1m read
Welcome everyone!

I'm very proud of the Worldwide Response Center - an excellent group of men and women - and I am interested to hear from you about your experience using the WRC.  There are always better ways for us to serve you.   

I'm also very excited about the Developer Community which we're bringing to you to give you an opportunity to connect with groups and individuals in the InterSystems community.  Let us know what you think and how we can improve it in order to serve you better.

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