· Jan 31, 2018

New Badges on Global Masters: Congratulations to The Best 2017 Developer Community Contributors!

Hi, Community!

This year we again introduced three annual badges on Global Masters Advocacy Hub to let you remember how much you contributed to Developer Community in 2017. Here they are:

  • DC Best-Selling Author 2017
  • DC Expert 2017
  • DC Opinion Leader 2017

This post is the basis how we provided relevant badges to its nominates. @Anastasia Dyubaylo, our Global Masters manager, prepared a detailed table of new badges with rules on how to get them:

Badge's Name



Yearly Achievements - Top 10 Authors

Gold  Best-Selling Author 2017 - 1st place


1st / 2nd/ 3rd / 4th-10th place in "DC Best-Selling Author 2017" nomination.

Given to authors whose articles gathered the maximum amount of views on Developer Community in the year of 2017.

Silver  Best-Selling Author 2017 - 2nd place


Bronze  Best-Selling Author 2017 - 3rd place

  • @Robert.Cemper

Best-Selling Author 2017 - 4th-10th places


Gold Expert 2017 - 1st place


1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th-10th place in “DC Expert 2017” nomination.

Given to authors, who got the largest number of accepted answers in the year of 2017.

Silver Expert 2017 - 2nd place


Bronze Expert 2017 - 3rd place

  • @Vitaliy.Serdtsev

DC Expert 2017 - 4th-10th places


Gold Opinion Leader 2017 - 1st place

  • @Robert.Cemper

1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th-10th place in “DC Opinion Leader 2017” nomination.

Given to authors whose posts and answers scored the highest number of votes on Developer Community in the year of 2017.

Silver Opinion Leader 2017 - 2nd place


Bronze Opinion Leader 2017 - 3rd place


DC Opinion Leader 2017 - 4th-10th places


Congratulations to you guys and thank you for your great contribution to InterSystems Developer Community in 2017! 

And! This list is a good reason to subscribe to some members of Developer Community!  wink

Also! You can find the full list of badges in a dedicated  Global Masters Badges Descriptions post.

If you have not joined InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub yet, let's get started right now! Details you will find here.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments to this post! 

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Evgeny was too modest to mention that he excluded himself from the awards on the basis that it's sort of his job to make lots of contributions to DC. The raw data shows just how prolific he is in doing that.

A minor quirk in the table is that "DC Expert 2017 - 4th-10th places" only lists 6 names rather than the expected 7. But looking at the raw data I see that 2 authors tied for the position below Rubens Silva. So I guess either they both get the badge or neither does.