Hi Michel,
Good subject, i like to question the things we are used to, but look strange to the outside world.
I would welcome the possibility to change the precedence to something more 'standard'. When i taught Object Script courses, the left-to-right precedence was always the first thing i mentioned, and it always blew the heads of my students.
Unfortunately, the option is not present, and even if there could be ways to implement such an option by InterSystems (e.g. as a method keyword to alter the precedence), the general behaviour will have to default to the current precedence to not break existing code.
Maybe editors like vs-code can issue warnings when operators are used without brackets in Object Script.

Hi Tiago,

There is always a risk of getting errors after an upgrade, depending how your application uses Caché.
For example : your application could use custom data/code that is stored in the manager's database, and that database will be overwritten in the upgrade, so you will risk loosing data/code. (It is bad practice to store info there, but it is possible) 

Best is to contact the vendor/developers, and test the upgrade by copying the server to a test server and do the upgrade there.

I added the way to find out which global name is used in my first reply  : try

write ##class(%Dictionary.CompiledStorage).%OpenId("MyPackage.MyClass||Default").DataLocation
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