· Dec 31, 2020

Happy New 2021 Year!

Hi Developers,

We want to sum up the results of 2020 and meet 2021 together with you!

This was a very unusual, strange, dangerous, online year. A year full of politics, courage, diseases and deaths, new life-changing technologies, and innovations.    

This was a unique year for the Developer Community too – for the first time we had a 100% virtual global summit, we introduced series of online contests and we are doing regular online meetups – this is all new and all this is already a part of our life.

This year we introduced the Japanese and the Portuguese Communities in addition to the English and the Spanish ones, and we are waiting for the Chinese community to join!

We introduced an online chatting platform Discord and completely redesigned the Community (still in progress :).

You doubled Open Exchange application entries, tenfold ZPM modules and register your companies.

You demonstrated all the advocacy power in Global Masters with an outstanding social message, feedback, and our products reviews, thank you!

But most of all we are very happy that you are with us, you are healthy, happy and very intelligent and experienced people, that we speak one language of humanity, and it’s a great pleasure to know you, work for you and work with you!

Happy holidays to our colleagues, partners, and customers around the world!  

We wish you a Happy 2021 Year! 🎄🎅🏼🎁

Sincerely your Developer Community staff and moderators team!

@Evgeny Shvarov, @Anastasia Dyubaylo, @Semion Makarov@Olga Zavrazhnova@Julia Fedoseeva, @Evgenia Kurbanova, @Lena Evsikova, @Irina.Podmazko , @Vladimir Mologa

@Minoru Horita, @Toshihiko Minamoto, @Rochael Ribeiro, @Angelo Bruno Braga, @David Reche, @Esther Sanchez 

@Eduard Lebedyuk, @Dmitry Maslennikov, @Robert Cemper, @Henrique Dias@Kurro Lopez, @Nancy Martínez, @John Murray, @Jeffrey Drumm, @Scott Roth 

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