· Apr 12, 2023

Code to copy class definition from one Namespace to another?

I have a situation where I have a handful of classes which I need to copy to another Namespace (which uses a different RoutineDB) on the same instance, load it and compile it.

Can anyone help me come up with a command that will do this quickly and easily?   Perhaps something with extended reference?  

This is somewhat time sensitive so thank you in advance for your ideas!

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I know this is old, but recently I found a new way to export/import a package to a global, this may simplify the solution.

1) create a studio project with all the classes that need to me exported. This can be done programmatically, create an instance of %Studio.Project, use AddItem()...etc.

2) Export the project to a global like ^IRIS.Temp("myProjExport"). Open %Studio.Project, export ot global using DeployToGbl() method

3) in target namespace import calling ##class(%Studio.Project).InstallFromGbl()

Using ^IRIS.Temp has the advantage of easy/shared access from all namespaces.