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Hi Claude,

both the json samples you provide do no parse correctly, can you provide a valid json sample?


Yes, there is, at least "everything" IRIS is aware of, so some item maybe missing but can be added.

In SMP, Iteroperability -> List -> Productions, select the production and click "Export" button.

Or, open production configuration, production settings, actions, Export button.

All production items are selected and you can manually add additional classes/components like search tables, custom schema, deployable system default settings, data transformations, etc.

Then, when you deploy your production you can also create a rollback file, in case you want to rollback, see:


Ciao Pietro,

there are 2 cases for routines, INT and MAC.

INT are generated when MAC is compiled but may also be written directly ("old style"), so I'd use:

do $system.OBJ.Export("*.mac,*.int","c:\temp\myexport.xml","/generated=0")

This way you export all INT and MAC but exclude generated INT.


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