Hi - If you want to embed Ensemble's Workflow Inbox, (that offers workflow task items to workflow users) inside of your application - you can access the URL directly without necessarily giving users access to the Management Portal - but more importantly, you can strip away the Titlebar, Worklists and Borders that make up the page by default.

You do this by using the same URL parameters you would use, if embedding a regular DeepSee dashboard into your application.

For example, adding &EMBED=1 at the end of the URL as depicted below:



removes all titles, borders and worklists from the resulting page.

For the full list of available URL parameters you could use, see this link from the documentation

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This is a posting about a particular feature of Caché which I find useful but is probably not well known or used. I am referring to the feature of Language Extensions.

This feature allows you to extend the commands, special variables and functions available in Caché Object Script with commands, special variables and functions of your own. This functionality also applies to other languages the Caché supports at the server, including Caché Basic and Multivalue Basic.  

Why would I need or want to add new commands ?

There are a number of use cases. Typically, I like to use this to save time during development and debugging, by wrapping up frequently used function calls, or a series of commands, or just a long function call,  into a single abbreviated custom command

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