Can you please publish a temporary license key (eg in the Community build) that allows for the preview of the FHIR SQL Builder ? It seems the keys (available with the Community Build, and available through the WRC), do not have this bit enabled. 


Hi Ron,

Do you have an example of doing the reverse ?... that is, have IRIS extract data from Google Big Query ?


Interesting ... Jean - do you have equivalent instructions to connect to IRIS instead of Cache' ?


I tracked this issue to $System.OBJ.Load() only apparent on IRIS 2021.2.  after upgrading to IRIS 2022.1, this issue went away.

Hope this helps others.

I have logged an issue with the ZPM community on github now as this happens when I install any ZPM module, not just git-source-control.

ok... Update: This definitely looks like a Microsoft bug.

Setting up the same classes/data in a new namespace on the same IRIS instance, and created a fresh DSN in ODBC to use works fine.

I even create a new namespace and global/package mapped all data from the original failed namespace, and created a fresh DSN in ODBC to use works fine too.

So - it's not the class/package/data definition in IRIS, or the IRIS version.  There is something Power BI is holding onto, which is related to the original DSN Name used, that is causing grief.

I'm sorted for now.

Hi Stefan,

I wonder what led you to determine that the DTL is being drawn by using InterSystems CSP AutoForm (%CSP.Util.AutoFormGenerator), because, I added the XDATA block to the child class to include only the child class's properties as suggested, (and omitting the inverse property):

XData FormDefinition
  <field property="childPropA"/>
field property="childPropB"/>

but the inverse property, in the DTL, still appears.  (also confirmed defining XMLPROJECTION="NONE' on the inverse relationship property also has no effect)

looking at %CSP.Util.AutoFormGenerator, I see my XDATA block definition is being checked, and honored, returning as it should, the list of properties for a form - but this does not seem to end up effecting the DTL Wizard.