Hi Robert,

indeed it is a bug, that prevents creating a new link. Luckily fix was easy, just to comment a one line of code. I'll give it another try for fix by developers :)

Hi Evgeny, yes, we do have video recording available. just need to make sure it's good to publish it. it's in Czech language, though.

Hi Eduard, this might be due to the OEX waiting for approval to be published.

Hi Eduard, I don't think so. There is a trace helper class available in InterSystems IRIS for Health though. But as it is located in HS.HC. package, it is limited just to our healthcare related products. 

Hello Nagarjuna,

IAM run on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.2 and higher. You need to upgrade your server.

Once you're done, you would find everything (the /api/iam application , IAM user) in the System Management Portal.



it turned out to be access privileges issue with license file, what a silly mistake of mine. Anyway, thank you Evgeny for pointing me to some useful info, anyway!