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This message in cconsole.log is a warning that you have enabled Caché SOAP log (^ISCSOAP global) in given namespace. It can generate a lot of data and create a big file, therefore there is a danger it can fill-up your disk. 

Caché SOAP log shouldn't be enabled for long time, its meaning is only for debugging purposes - e.g. investigation of some SOAP issue.

More about ISCSOAP log can be found in Caché Documentation


But check ^ISCSOAP("LogFile") first and delete that file too.

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If a severe error occurs, Caché stops writing to the SOAP log. See the console log instead. For information, see “Monitoring Log Files” in the Caché Monitoring Guide.


other thing you need to ask who is activating de ^ISCSOAP, this is a useful log, but fullfil your database with information.

the message in cconsole is to remember you this log is active.

only take care and don't keep this log active if you don't use it.