Have you looked at @Daniel Kutac series of articles about OAuth2? In part 3 he mentioned about debugging. Kind of like this should help you.

set ^%ISCLOG=5
set ^%ISCLOG("Category","OAuth2")=5
set ^%ISCLOG("Category","OAuth2Server")=5

Hi @Daniel Kutac - 

For modern versions, you'll need to change this line in Web.OAUTH2.Google2N:

w jsonObject.$toJSON()


w jsonObject.%ToJSON()

because we're now returning a %DynamicAbstractObject

Hi Scott!

First, thanks for mentioning Open Exchange, I appreciate :) Here is the link of Sysmon Dashboards on OEX.

Also, here is the article by @Semen Makarov, which could help.

The tool just visualizes the data you have %SYSMONMGR, I believe the utility appeared at early versions of Caché.

The visualization is better with DeepSee Web, this will require at least Caché 2014 for REST and JSON.

Also I'll ping @Daniel Kutac for more details who initially introduced the tool

Hi Community!

User or developer working with Caché, Ensemble or other InterSystems products? Healthcare or banking IT professional? Or just a developer seeking new challenges?

Come and join us for discussing what's up once you are in Prague, Czech Republic, or near by! We'll share news and experience on how to develop modern big-data, multi-model oriented applications.

Please, feel free to ask your questions about InterSystems Meetup group in Prague. @Daniel Kutac and @Ondřej Hoferek will provide details.

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Hi, Community!

It's October and we have new DC release here. What's new?

1. InterSystems Single Sign-On for Global Masters

As you maybe heard about InterSystems Global Masters (GM) program. With this release, we introduced InterSystems SSO support for GM. So now everyone who has active WRC account can join GlobalMasters and no special invitation needed. You are welcome! 
How it works:

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