Nagarjuna Reddy... · May 6, 2020

Intersystems API Manager(IAM) installation query on config

After I loaded the intersystems/iam:0.34-1-1 image in local, I am trying to do the next step of configuration.

2) Configure your InterSystems IRIS instance

  2a) Enable the /api/IAM web application
  2b) Enable the IAM user
  2c) Change the password for the IAM user

Do we need to change these settings in iris.cpf file? any inputs where we have to configure? I have IRIS 2019.1.1 installed in my machine.



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Hello Nagarjuna,

IAM run on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.2 and higher. You need to upgrade your server.

Once you're done, you would find everything (the /api/iam application , IAM user) in the System Management Portal.