· Aug 27, 2020

InterSystems CZ & SK Webinar - August 2020

A Webinar was held today for our Czech and Slovak partners and end users. This webinar was an online version of what we originally planned to present earlier this year in Fabrika hotel, Humpolec as a workshop. Due to the current epidemiologic situation a decision was made to move the workshop into the virtual space.

The webinar took about 2 1/2 hours and we covered the following areas of interest:

  • Good news from market analyst firms and how it can help our partners to make selling easier.
  • New features and functionality available with InterSystems IRIS 2020.1 and later
  • InterSystems API Manager, InterSystems System Alerting and Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with InterSystems IRIS
  • Cloud deployments
  • Transition from Cache / Ensemble to InterSystems IRIS

The webinar used PowerPoint slides combined with live demos.

We had an audience of almost 50 online participants; considering short notice and vacation time, this is a nice number for our region. Audience was actively asking questions and proposals that would likely end up in some follow up webinar(s) targeted at individual specific topis as indicated by our audience.

This was our (Prague office) first virtual event so we learned new procedures and tools but everything worked very well. This, together with interest from our partners, is promising and we look forward to organize other webinars in some near future.

Presentation slides are available for download. Please beware, slides are in Czech language only!

On behalf of InterSystems Prague team

Dan Kutac

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