I am trying to read some binary data from a local file or through socket.

The binary data is like H.264 codec, I need to read data BYTE by BYTE (even BIT by BIT) and decide the next step based on the data read so far.

I check the documentation and it seems like most of the sample focus on human readable IO, ie: LINE by LINE.

Could I achieve my goal through COS?


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CM Wang · Aug 18, 2017

I want to manipulate all the objects whose type is%Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition by %OpenId

However, I don't know the exact id to feed into %OpenId, is there a way to query all the existing ids of %Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition in a namespace?


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CM Wang · Aug 16, 2017

I try to run below two statements

Set tRS = ##class(%ResultSet).%New("%Dictionary.ClassDefinition:SubclassOf")
​set tSC = tRS.Execute("%Persistent")

and I always get <PROTECT>check+5^%Dictionary.ClassDefinitionQuery.1

The login user is _SYSTEM and should have all the permissions.

I cannot run queries in the $SYSTEM.SQL.Shell(). I would get <PROTECT>%GenerateMetadata+16^%SQL.StatementMetadata.1

However, when I run the query through SMP, everything is fine.

Any idea where could I start to investigate ?


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CM Wang · Jul 21, 2017
how to redirect IO

I get a third party routine which outputs some messages to standard output during execution.

Is it possible that I could direct the messages to other device so my terminal would never see this messages?


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