CM Wang · Aug 2, 2017

How to log out from Cache terminal

How could I log out from Cache terminal (connected through csession) and back to the system shell?


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Just type "h"


It's like the "exit" command in Linux

You still have the option to create your own 
and make you own ZZEXIT to avoid the risky HALT

It's a miracle to me how HALT could survive from PDP-7 sn#103 at MGH and nobody touched it.


"h" is short for "halt", however I would advise against using "halt" and stick to "h".

The reason?

Glad you asked...

...a nameless soul some years ago used to type in all COS command in full. Unfortunately, one day, he happened to be logged into the IBM he was working on - as root - and typed in "halt", thinking he was in Caché (actually MSM at the time) ...but he wasn't - he was at the # (root user) prompt in AIX and the halt command proceeded to stop the whole IBM immediately. Were this Caché it may have recovered easier but it wasn't and the databases ended up like swiss cheesesad - just a warning folks

I can almost hear a Monty Python-esque "Four Yorkshiremen" style conversation starting across the Developer Community now laugh