CM Wang · Aug 18, 2017


I want to manipulate all the objects whose type is%Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition by %OpenId

However, I don't know the exact id to feed into %OpenId, is there a way to query all the existing ids of %Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition in a namespace?


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select ID from %Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition

If I may ask - why?

ID value contains all pieces of the primary key separated by ||. In the case of %Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition it's:


So to open %Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition you need to either construct an ID like this:

Set Class = "%CSP.Util.Performance"
Set Storage = "CspPerformance"
Set SQLMapName = "Map1"
Set Id = $LTS($LB(Class, Storage, SQLMapName), "||")
Set Obj = ##class(%Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition).%OpenId(Id)

Alternatively you can use Open method for IDKEY index (more on auto-generated methods for indices, properties etc.):

Set Obj = ##class(%Dictionary.StorageSQLMapDefinition).IDKEYOpen(Class, Storage, SQLMapName)

What's your big picture problem you're trying to solve? There might be better ways to do that.