· Jul 20, 2017

What is the most efficient way to store/retrieve the data into/from global

Type 1:

^global(key1,key2,key3,val1) = ""
^global(key1,key2,key3,val2) = ""
^global(key1,key2,key3,valn) = ""

Type 2:

^global(key1,key2,key3) = $lb(val1,val2,.....valn)

the number of val may be just dozens, but also possible to 10K


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Without more info on writing/reading patterns the answer can't be knowable. For example, your application may have thousands of random write/reads looking for small amounts of vals OR fairly uniform write/reads looking for complete chunks of vals.

Best thing for you to do is to simulate your data usage on your target platform and do the timings yourself. Testing is fairly easy.

That being said the second method may be more efficient because you can write/read larger chunks of persistent data.

But it all comes down to your specific use case.

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