Hello, I would like to know if CACHE has any limitations on uploading files.

Why am I asking this, why am I going through a problem here.

What happens is that when uploading files or images that are larger than 2.7 MB CACHE is limiting the size to 2.7 MB, any file larger than that is saved corrupted.

Already at the time of uploading the file or image, CACHE is limiting the size of the file to 2.6 MB.

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I'm with a problem in a property, where she has two parameters that conflict, DISPLAYLIST and VALUELIST.

In screen when I'll go to set value in the field, the CACHE transform internally the property of LOGICAL to DISPLAY with propertynameLogicalToDisplay(propertyname), far so good.

My problem is in the property, why, by default she send the value as DISPLAYLIST, in hour of transformation as the value is DISPLAY MODE the error occurs.

How I do to that default value be VALUELIST and not DISPLAYLIST?

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