GUILHERME CRUZ ... · Jun 14, 2018

Compile all csp and cls by studio

You can compile all csp and cls by studio.

I know you can do it for the terminal, but it is slow, can you do it for the studio itself?

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Press F7 in Studio to compile all classes in a current project.

In terminal:

do $system.OBJ.CompileAll()

to compile all classes.

I doubt if Studio will be able to compile them faster than Terminal can. After all, when Studio compiles them, it asks the server to do the work. That's also where your Terminal compile happens.

You could run the compile command you would use in Terminal within Studio using the output window. However, the only "speed boost" would be time saved from not launching and logging in to Terminal.

If you're suffering from really slow compile times, it might just be that your namespace is huge, or a sign of a need to upgrade your hardware.

Get in touch with either WRC or your sales engineer, and they'll happily help out.