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Hi, Guilherme!

Please, elaborate what do you want to sort.

In summary, I need to do an ordering within another order in a report.

I have the ordering of the main grouping, and I need to sort the items in that grouping.

Could you please share a sample code with ordering of the main grouping to understand the problem better?

I (agrup=1) {

            S COD = query.Get("pscodigo")


            I (COD="") S COD = "000" DESC = query.Get("psnome")

            I (DESC="") S DESC = "NAO DEFINIDO" (ordenacao=1)


            S K2=DESC_"^"_COD S K2=expert.completaString(COD,0,6)_"^"_DESC


S K3 = descrProd_"^"_codProduto_"^"_idProduto S ^mtempJOB(controladorjob,K1,K2,K3)=$LB(...)

I was able to solve the problem as follows: 

if ((ordenaProduto 0|| (ordenaProduto 1)) {
        set ordemProd query.Get("fatiqtde")
elseif ((ordenaProduto 2|| (ordenaProduto 3)) {
        set ordemProd query.Get("valortotliq")

set ^mtempJOB(controladorjob,K1,K2,ordemProd,K3$listbuild(   codProduto