· Feb 6, 2022
Issue with Studio

Hi Community,

I would like to migrate a Zen application to Iris but I am facing issue below:

so far I was not able to solve this issue myself, is there somebody who has some suggestions?


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HI Community,

Now Intersystems has developers definitely cut-off from Zen/CSP I am looking for sample code how to invoke server-side methods from Angular and PHP, Java client.

I only see some rest/json crud examples, but that is not the whole picture I assume.

Let's say I have a persistent Class with a class method to import or modify data...

I want to invoke this from my Angular App or PHP app.

any examples, suggestions?

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HI Community,

I would like to store a tablepane currPage variable in %session.Data, and retrieve the value when returning from a detail page back to the tablepane.

My test code so far:

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· Nov 16, 2017
Caché service does not start

Help, after a day of coding, I wanted to backup my files. I found out that alle of my 3 instances of caché refuse to start.

the error says: cstart-exe-fout (112 Service for Caché instance did not start).

Is there a way to solve this? (off course the management portal does not work either.)

I think there has been a power interruption as the battery from my laptop does not work, and the power went off before


Thanks in advance!

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· Oct 21, 2016
Sql Error Message

I had a table which contained data and worked fine, without changes the code of the persistent classes I now get the following error:

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I am working on a DataGrid based upon ZenTest.Datagrid.cls

I want to save data after changes on a row.

The existing samples do not explain how to save changes on data in a grid.

I have tried something like zen(‘json’).save

Does anybody has some sample code?

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